Dragonfly Glass by Julie

Welcome to my wonderful world where plants and flowers meet fused glass resulting in a dazzling array of fabulous designs.

Lakeland Flower Gardens

There are so many possibilities with flowers, you’re imagination can run wild. Take Delphiniums, for example, such a fantastic flower.


Poppy Gardens

I love Poppies, I have both Red and Yellow Poppies in my garden at home. Watching the bulb get to the point of bursting open…then an instant blaze of colour! They are resilient and stay around for a good while.

A Bouquet of Flowers

I thought I would attempt creating a fused glass bouquet of flowers. How much fauna to put in and what colour flowers? You never know how a piece will fuse and how it will look until that moment when you open the lid on the kiln…


Hi, I’m Julie Kenny and I’m a fused glass artist. Somewhere along the line someone introduced me and seduced me with the addictive quality of glass as a creative medium. I became lost in a world of fused glass and cut fingers!

Shortly after that my first kiln arrived, my cutting desk was built and that was it! I’ve been fusing glass ever since. Then someone asked if they could buy the coasters and wishstix I made as a hobby. You mean I can sell the pieces that come out of my kiln? Really?

So here is my first fused glass website, I hope you like it.

I produce a range of fused glass coasters, trinket dishes, framed flower pictures and many other crazy things.

My Lakeland Flower Gardens are the perfect way for me to express my love of plants and glass. I’m happy to create a flower garden for you if you have a favourite plant you would like to feature.

I also produce a stunning range of Murano Glass Jewellery using handcrafted Murano glass beads direct from artisan glass workers in Venice.  You can see my jewellery at my other website: https://www.firefrostdesigns.co.uk

This site is part of Firefrost Designs Ltd, my company. If you purchase anything from this site you will see that your receipt is from Firefrost Designs Ltd.

If you want to chat please use the contact form on the site.

Warm regards



Use the form below to send me a message, I always aim to respond as quickly as possible. If you would like a flower garden designed for you please let me know your favourite plants.